The majority of the pieces in this collection are from Tuscany and Umbria. These regions of Italy are known throughout the world for their production of exquisite, handmade pottery. This collection was put together with a decorator’s eye, and is intended to add rich accents to both the home and the garden. Prominent in Tuscan and Umbrian ceramics are the rich blues, yellows and greens of the Renaissance. Ornato is largely made up of large decorative platters and urns. The urns typically range in size from 11” to 23” tall, though we do have some that are larger.

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    23"H x 20"D This portraiture of our artisans from Deruta is truly an incredible sight to behold. Completely handmade and hand painted from start to finish, this gorgeous urn depicting a beautiful Italian noblewoman is a perfect accent for a niche or entryway table. It has a bit of a design on the back so it can be admired from all sides, and it would be perfect as a planter or cachepot but is just lovely on its own, too.
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    Deruta Geometrico Yellow Urn

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    18.5"H x 15"D The Deruta artists who create these large decorative pieces are among the most skilled in Italy. Graceful brushwork like this is only possible after years and years of training to hone techniques refined over countless generations.